Building the miss circus circus

Firstly get your plans! I chose the Miss Circus Circus from 1988, Plan number 146-G available from Roger Newton from his web site.
Now don't get me wrong the plans you get from Roger Newton are very good, but there are not for beginners and are very hard to follow. But they do show in great detail what the original boat looks like.
What I prefer to do is take the plans as a guide and make my own version of the boat! and I also make the boat symmetrical as Unlimited hydro's are designed to only go around a anti-clockwise circuit and so the sponson are shaped differently so you can corner better.

I wont bore you (yet) with all the details, but I will point out that I have redrawn all the bulkheads and made them all full height, and also made them all interlock with the tub sides. I have used 5 minute epoxy for the bits here.

I very boring picture! but it shows something that isn't very clear on the plan, and that is the engine tub is deeper then the rest of the hull, and you can see the difference where I have glued the 5mm square piece of wood.

And another wonderful picture just showing the doubler on the rear of the sponsons, I think it is always best to make this area strong.

I have now added the sponson sides, which are reduced to only the bottom edge at the rear section. i think if i make this boat again i would make them full height all the way along, as there isn't much strength in the rear section.
Also in this picture you can see my building board! (or not) you are meant to build these boats on a purpose build building jig. but i like to build them on a flat surface and take loads of measurements as i go along just incase it starts to twist out of shape. Oh and the building board is my drawing board.

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